Interesting Facts About Vibrators Every Woman Should Know

Interesting Facts About Vibrators Every Woman Should Know

Over half of all women use a vibrator, yet these trendy sex devices, like female orgasm itself, are shrouded in mystery. Is it true that vibrators are solely helpful for masturbating, or can they also improve the pleasure of partnered sex? Is it true that using a vibrator too frequently might cause your vagina to become completely numb? We turned to the professionals for answers to these and other critical issues, and prepared this list of the most crucial and entertaining vibrator facts any woman should know. Besides that, you can also click on this site for the best vibrator for women in Malaysia.

The first vibrator was created to help people who were depressed or anxious.

The creation is credited to physician George Taylor; his first circa-1869 gadget was developed to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression in females, which was then referred to as “hysteria.” Hysteria was alleviated with vulval or clitoral stimulation, followed by vibration, which brought women to “hysterical paroxysms of relief.” Vibrators were accessible to customers by the beginning of the century. They were even available in the Sears, Roebuck & Co. collection in the early 1900s.

Vibrators, unlike penises, provide consistent orgasms.

Why is it that more than half of the female population uses a vibrator? This is because as long as you have a charging wire or new batteries, they’re dependable and never tyre. Furthermore, according to a study, just 18 percent of women orgasm solely as a result of penetration. A vibrator provides the clitoral stimulation that most women require to climax. Vibrators are used as powerful orgasm instruments. A vibrator, in particular for busy, weary, worried, or low-libido women, pushes arousal into high gear far faster than nearly any other method.

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Vibrators are used for more than simply masturbating.

So, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine study, 80% of women and 91% of men who’ve used a vibrator admitted to doing so with a companion at some period. Vibrators are a wonderful way to spice up erotica. They can assist women to come when their sex partner doesn’t, or they can be a unique ‘let’s switch it up’ rut-buster. Vibration also feels incredible to males, just in case you didn’t know.

Your vibrator might cause numbness in your vaginal area.

Vibrator-induced numbness, on the other hand, is uncommon and temporary. Only 11% of women have experienced “occasional numbness” following vibrator use, and only 3% reported it on a regular basis. If you’re experiencing pins and needles, try altering the controls or shifting the angle or location of your vibrator to see if it helps. Or you can take a pause and allow your body to rest.

It matters what your vibrator is composed of.

Choose silicone above any other material when purchasing a vibrator. It’s simple to clean and isn’t porous. Porous or permeable materials (such as jelly vibes) can accumulate dirt and germs, which can subsequently be transmitted to the vaginal area, causing an imbalance or irritation. To reduce the risk of infection, wash yours on a regular basis, regardless of the material it is made of. Usage of soap and water or antibacterial sprays after each use is necessary. What’s more, a silicone vibrator may even be washed in the dishwasher.

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