Logistics and Supply Chain Services in Malaysia

First and foremost, we must know what is logistics. Then, we can move forward to see what the services that logistics offers are. Altus Malaysia have integrated supply chain services in Malaysia

Definition of Logistics 

integrated supply chain services in Malaysia

There are different types of services that Altus Malaysia provides with one of them being logistics services. All activities carried out by different enterprises on the chain from the procurement of raw materials in various sectors to the production and delivery of products to consumers are called logistics services. In this activity, there are activities to ensure that the right products are supplied and transported in the right quantity, from the right source, in the right way and at an affordable price. 

Logistics Industries Have Been More Widely Open and Progressed Over Time 

Did you know that the logistics industry has progressed more now? When logistics activities were mentioned, in the past, only product movement monitoring activities were meant, but nowadays, logistics activities have been incorporated into storage activities and now logistics services have reached their true dimensions.

Logistics Services: Transportation 

For instance, let’s take a look at the most common logistics service that is transportation. Transportation services are the backbone of logistics services. The most commonly used method in international transportation services is maritime transportation. Road transport stands out in the national transport service (93 percent). Road transport is so prominent that products can be picked up from an address and delivered to an address, responding to small needs and enabling the transport of small loads by combining them. 

Altus Malaysia 

You can visit Altus Malaysia page for more information regarding this service. They provided some services like marine, oilfield services and logistics services. 

Integrated Supply Chain Services In Malaysia

Altus provided these services if you are interested, check them out. 

You May Invest or Open Business in Logistics Services if You are Interested: 

Let’s move onto the next topic; is it worth it to invest in logistics services? Transformation in the logistics transportation industry is underway and our future looks bright with smart solutions and sustainable alternatives. Companies need to remain competitive and have to add new cutting -edge technologies to improve the management of their distribution centers, warehouses, shipping, and transportation. In the United States alone, the land transportation industry and the warehouse logistics market are $ 1.3 trillion businesses that help bring more goods to market. The transportation sector comprises several industries from logistics, air transportation, road, sea, airline, and transportation infrastructure.

What You Need To Take Note if You are Interested To Invest in Logistics Industry: 

integrated supply chain services in Malaysia

For the past 10 years, the logistics transportation sector has struggled issues such as down below;

  • Operational efficiency, predict business demand correctly, workforce management
  • Reverse logistics, inventory control and visibility, fuel costs, environmental issues
  • Meet the promised delivery schedule, very unexpected weather conditions
  • Receive accurate data due to cargo in transit, warehouse management
  • Order fulfillment, returned goods management, transportation management, distribution

There are five things that could disrupt your logistics company from being normal or operating well. So from those thing stated above, you must take note and learn from these mistake.

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