Time Internet With All The Supports Now

Within companies, employee mobility is increasingly important and it is necessary to guarantee the best
level of security during their connections. The implementation of a VPN (Virtual Private Network, or
virtual private network), is then necessary to protect the flows. Using the Time Internet is important

Using the VPN

When a user accesses the Internet through a VPN, the connection source points to one of the VPN’s
many routers, not their own. This allows your employees to browse the web securely and in complete

The VPN creates encrypted IP tunnels by cryptographic mechanisms. The encryption mode used can be
asymmetric (in the case of SSL VPNs) or symmetric (in the case of IPSec VPNs).
For a simplified deployment and management of nomadic workstations, SSL VPN often proves to be a
good solution. However, the IPSec protocol is a technology to consider in environments requiring a high
level of security.

The Web Portal In DMZ

When certain machines on the internal network need to be accessible from the outside (web server,
mail server, public FTP server, etc.), it may also be necessary to create a new interface to a separate
network, also accessible both inside and outside the network, but protected by a firewall, so as not to
risk compromising the security of the company.

We then speak of “e demilitarized zone” (denoted DMZ for DeMilitarized Zone) to designate this
isolated zone hosting applications made available to the public. The DMZ thus acts as a “buffer zone”
between the network to be protected (local network, or LAN) and the external “at-risk” network.
In the event of a compromise of one of the services in the DMZ, the hacker will only have access to the
machines of the DMZ and not to the data of the local network, especially knowing what to look for in a phone.

MPLS operator

VPN and MPLS are two technologies that help encrypt and secure your communications, but there are
some important differences between the two: The VPN is based on a public network, Therefore, the
quality of the connection affects the speed (time fibre) of the flow and there can be no guaranteed speed.

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