Types of Manufacturing Industries

Types of Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing is defined as the process of transforming commodities, materials, or substances into new products, and the transformational process might be physical, chemical, or mechanical. In the production process, machines and different equipment are employed. In certain situations, handcrafted manufacturers are available, particularly for baked products such as cakes and pastries, art pieces, and jewelleries.

There are three types of manufacturing production process which are made to assemble (MTA), make to stock (MTS) and make to order (MTO). They have different demands and they are all different even from the production process. If you want to manufacture your own products, make sure to know what type of manufacturing production process you have to use.

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In this article I will be listing down several types of manufacturing industries that we have when it comes to manufacturers.

Food and beverages production manufacturer

Food and beverage production is actually quite different from one another but it has the same process which both are using from farm to table concept. The merging of agriculture with manufacturing in modern society demonstrates how agriculture has evolved over time, mimicking more of a food production machine than an organic-style farm from a century ago. Baked products, cereals, fruit and vegetable preserves, and animal meat are some examples. Non-alcoholic beverages as well as alcoholic beverages obtained by fermentation or distillation are examples of beverage products that are being manufactured. The process that both food and drinks will go through are usually fermentation and canning. Examples of food and beverages manufacturers in Malaysia are Nestle, Yeo’s F&N and a lot more.

Metal manufacturer

Metal manufacturing belongs to the heavy industry, just like the chemical and oil industry. Metal manufacturing encompasses all aspects of iron, aluminium, and steel manufacture, as well as shaping, engraving, polishing, and stamping. Not only that, metal manufacturers will also be responsible to manufacture or produce machines for other factories or manufacturers. Isn’t that cool? One manufacturer can produce many other manufacturers. There are also a lot of metal manufacturers such as one – stop metal manufacture solutions in Malaysia that you can rely on when it comes to metal production or machining.

Electronics manufacturer

Electrical appliances such as computer’s motherboard or phone chips are manufactured by various electronic manufacturers. This industry is quickly expanding and will continue to expand. Because of the usage of integrated circuits and miniaturized technologies, the insatiable need for electronics makes this an extremely competitive sector. Every electronic inventor would want to develop new and better features for their electronic devices which makes this manufacturer to be their number one targeted manufacturer. Sometimes, at this type of manufacturer, the workers will make it done using their manpower because it needs to be precise and the components should be placed at the right place.

Pharmaceutical or medical manufacturer

At this manufacturer, you will not only make medicine and drugs but you will also get to see how they manufacture medical appliances. For example, at the operation theatre, we can see a lot of machines that are used to support the patients’ life. All of that was made from this type of manufacturer. Not only the huge machines, even the smallest thing like the scalpel and scissors are made from this manufacturer. 

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