Eating from tupperware at work without contaminating or threatening health

Eating from tupperware at work without contaminating or threatening health

It is important to make good use of the tupperware to eat at work if you want to take care of your health and not pollute.

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There happens to be a general trend in workplaces to order custom menus, and this can be an environmental and health problem.

You cannot criticize the companies that sell food or the restaurants and menus that they offer you. What is highlighted is that the food that you do not cook is cooked by others, and you are not going to control the quantities, the qualities or the raw material. This means that you may be putting your health at risk. The other consequence of this new trend of ordering menus is that a lot of waste is generated since somehow the food has to be delivered to the customer, and for the moment disposable tuppers and trays are the most viable options economically and logistically.

New demands arise in the field of restoration due to the need to save time and leave before work.

Not everyone has the same facilities to organize meals, but in offices it is common for employees to solve their needs to eat with new options beyond physically going to a restaurant. We try to scratch time anyway so we can get out a little earlier. Total, who needs 60 or 90 minutes to eat?

The problem that frequently arises is that employees do not want to waste time going out to eat and thus be able to rush the departure time a little more to attend to personal life. In many places it is already a reality that there is the option of using common dining rooms equipped with tables, refrigerators and microwaves. Having these facilities, we can only take advantage of this opportunity. There are those who cook their food, others go out to eat a menu of the day and a new majority, what they do, is order food on request.

The companies have detected this demand and around the large business centers menus as well as for Kitchen storage ideas are offered “at home” that are delivered to the client in their workplace by a delivery man. Salads, homemade food (this term is as colorful as it is empty of content), hamburgers, pizzas the offer is endless.

So far it seems that a need has been met, but beware, all that glitters is not gold. This is still a patch, because the problem with eating out is in the fact of eating out (well in this case you eat food from outside in the office, but food that you do not cook yourself). In this sense, it is true that we save time, but we sacrifice two aspects that deeply concern me: health and the environment.