The Uses Of Metal In Our Daily Lives

The Uses Of Metal In Our Daily Lives

Metal is one of the most common materials that is being used in everything. That is why we have a lot of metal company in Malaysia. Asides from being used in big industries like constructions, automotive, transportation and etc metal are also being used in our daily lives. Without metal, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy all of the things that we have right now in our lives. 

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Here are some ways of how metal is being used in our daily lives. 

  1. Cutleries 

We used forks, spoons, and knives every day in our life. Every household has its own collection of cutleries and they help us to eat more elegant and cleaner. Even though there are cutleries that is made from non-metal materials like wood and plastic, many people will still choose to use metal cutleries because it’s easier to clean and it last longer. 

  1. Money

Yes, our dollar bills are made from papers but our coins are all made from metals. Have you seen any coins that are made from materials other than metals? No right, this is because metal kast longer and is easier to be carried. That is why sometimes we can find coins from decades ago still in perfect conditions. Back then, they even used gold to make coins but as the price of gold increases, they started to use metals like copper, zinc, and nickel. 

  1. Jewelry 

Most of our jewelry is being made from metals. Whether it is gold, steel or copper this is because metal will last longer and they are also corrosion-resistant. That is why many jewelry makers choose metal as the main used materials in making any type of jewelry like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and others. 

  1. Technology 

We use our smartphones, laptops, television, and other electrical technology almost every second of our lives. Nowadays, not bringing our handphones with us will make us feels like something important is missing. That is how important these technologies are to us, but without metal, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy all of these technologies. Metal is the main component that is being used while making any type of technology. Without metal, they wouldn’t be able to make our phones, television, or laptops. 

  1. Medical 

If you wondering is there any metal in your medication? Well, the answer is no. however metal do being used for medical purposes and that is for surgery. All of the tools for surgery like scalpels and retractors are being made from metals. Imagine these surgical instruments are being made from non-metals like plastics or wood. How would the surgeon be operating on the human body? That is why metal is really important because it is being used in everything in our lives. 

Aside from all of these, metals are also being used in the bigger industries like constructing a building, automotive, and aerospace. Without metal, we would not be able to use cars, have a strong building or we wouldn’t be able to fly across the sky with planes.