Advantages Of Studying Business Administration

Advantages Of Studying Business Administration

The courses with the highest employability rate are from the Business Administration area. This trend has been a constant over the years and the search for good professionals in this area has continued to grow in the national and international labour market.

More and more companies have the main requirement that the direction and administration of the same be performed by top professionals, with the training of excellence in organization and business management.

7 reasons to study Administration

Very well. Now that you know what an administrator does and have an idea of ​​how higher education works in the area, see below the seven main reasons for studying Administration:


The degree in Business Administration and asasi perniagaan terbaik malaysia from Widad University are almost a prerequisite for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. This is because, with the wide variety of subjects studied at graduation, the administrator leaves college knowing everything that a company needs to function and how to achieve prominence in the market.

Another important detail is that you will learn to think big, identify opportunities, cases and problems in the management of an organization and study the best solutions for them – an indispensable skill for an entrepreneur.

Excellent average salary

This is usually the first detail that students want to know when thinking about career possibilities. In the case of Management, the news is good: the average salary for managers is usually excellent, depending on the size of the company and the specialization chosen.

A beginner analyst in small and medium-sized companies, for example, earns from R $ 1.8 thousand to R $ 2.8 thousand, while an analyst in large companies can earn up to R $ 3.7 thousand per month.

Now, if you work in the direction of an organization, you can earn R $ 14 thousand per month in small and medium companies and up to R $ 23 thousand per month in a large company.

Wide performance possibilities

As it is already explained, being an administrator does not necessarily mean that you will necessarily work in a private company: it is possible to open your own business, enter the public sector or work with third sector organizations, such as NGOs and philanthropic institutions.

And the functions you can perform will be even more diverse, such as:

Consulting: indicating the best practices and solutions for companies to expand their business;

Finance: investigating ways to increase a company’s profits;

Auditing: ensuring maximum efficiency in all sectors of an organization;

Marketing: studying the public and defining efficient strategies to serve them;

Strategic planning: pointing out the directions and objectives of the actions of each sector of an organization;

Human resources: determining employees’ positions, salaries and career plans.

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